7 Reasons To Buy An Instax Mini LiPlay™

We’re super excited to introduce you to the latest member of the INSTAX mini family, the INSTAX mini LiPlay. And what better way to get you two acquainted than to highlight all of the camera’s best features!

7 Reasons To Buy An INSTAX Mini LiPlay™

1. It’s Not ‘Just’ A Camera… It’s a Smartphone Printer Too!

This is our first 2 in 1 INSTAX that is as much a dedicated camera as it is a printer. Using our free INSTAX mini LiPlay app (Apple | Android), you can print out all of your phone snaps super easily!

2 in 1 camera and printer liplay

2. It’s Our Smallest INSTAX Ever!

Measuring in at only 82.5 mm × 122.9 mm × 36.7 mm*, not only is the LiPlay the smallest INSTAX camera we’ve ever made (easily fitting into our bags!), but it comes in three bold & stylish colors; Stone White, Blush Gold and Elegant Black. And it also features an LCD screen so you can see what you’re shooting – perfect, right?

instax mini LiPlay color lineup

*excluding projecting parts

3. It Can Bring Your Photos To Life… With Sound

We are completely in love with this new feature!

To add a short sound clip to your INSTAX photo, simply press the record button on the front of the LiPlay, hit the shutter button to take your shot. The camera then captures a sound clip (up to 10 seconds). Now, hit the print button and choose the ‘print with sound’ option. This places a QR code on your INSTAX photo, which, when scanned by your friends or family, reveals your message to them!

This is great for sending a birthday message, asking friends to be your bridesmaids or getting even more creative.
You can also add a sound recording to a shot you’ve taken previously and, thanks to the fact you can insert a micro SD card, you can store even more pictures.

4. You Can Mix Up Your Photos With Creative Frames

The LiPlay has a whole range of frames you can add to the camera preview, or even add them after you’ve taken the shot. Simply press the up button to access the frames, then click left or right to flick through the options.

You can even add more frames by accessing the free INSTAX mini LiPlay app and assigning them to 1 of the 3 shortcuts buttons!

5. Control Your Camera Wirelessly From Your Phone

Not one to shy away from a photo op, LiPlay lets you get into the shot every time with it’s Remote Shooting function. Working with your Smartphone, you can control this clever little INSTAX camera remotely via Bluetooth. Simply use the mini LiPlay app, get into the shot and watch the magic all come together.

Remote shooting on instax mini LiPlay

6. Use Filters To Match Your Mood

In addition to the LiPlay’s frames, it has 6 filter effects that give you even more creative control: Stylish, Vivid, Fisheye, Poster, B&W and Sepia.

Filter examples on mini LiPlay

7. All The Features You Need

The LiPlay hosts lots of other handy features such as Flash ON/OFF options, Self Timer, Exposure Control (to get your image a little brighter or darker), an Auto Focus Illuminator (for quicker focusing in dark environments), built-in rechargeable battery and a microSD card slot to let you save all your images for reprint and backup.